This is (us) BUVO

BUVO Castings is a leader in the world of aluminium high-pressure casting. Clients from all over the world come to us to produce complex and specialized casting parts. In addition, BUVO is an organization which is never stagnate. We continue to develop and invest in ourselves in order to keep moving forward.

Key words such as craftsmanship, innovation, technical progressiveness and future-orientated are what best describe us. With our team of skilled professionals, we develop and produce the most beautiful products for various industries, among which the automotive industry.

We are proud of the products we produce and the way we manufacture them. A lot of effort is put into our continuous development with the aim to increase our professionalism and specialism within our field. Which is why we have one of the most modern production halls in our industry; BUVO 4.0. Based on Smart Industry, this hall facilitates our post-production process, our wash areas and Supply Chain. This way we are able to combine the old craftmanship of high-pressure casting with the modern techniques of today which fits seamlessly into the world of tomorrow.

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