The 24th casting machine in the history of BUVO Castings is in place

In 1980, BUVO started with 1 casting machine and on Saturday, June 16 2018, almost 40 years later, the 24th casting machine was delivered. This 24th casting cell is one of the most technical advanced casting machines available in the market.

The new Bühler casting machine is a 660-ton machine that can be fully operated by a touchscreens.
Thanks to the excellent cooperation between the BUVO experts and the specialists from Haegens Kraanverhuur en Transport, the new machine was quickly and professionally positioned. Beautiful to see how quickly and effectively this job was done.

With this new machine, BUVO is even better able to stay ahead in terms of technology and capacity. With the placement of this machine, the two existing casting halls are completely full, but the ambitions don’t stop. The plans for the construction of a third casting hall are already at an advanced stage.

BUVO keeps on growing…

In order to realize the growth ambitions, we invest between 3 and 5 million euros annually and are constantly looking for motivated professionals who want to take part in the growing and flourishing company that is called Buvo Castings.