BUVO invests in new cleaning machine,

and anticipates with this on the rising demands of cleanliness! DÜRR EcoCCore: A NEW DIMENSION IN SOLVENT-BASED CLEANING … [Read more...]

BUVO castings invests in clean room laboratory

Since week 20-2015 the washing and clean room of BUVO Castings has been improved with an overpressure system. Through a HEPA filter (class H13 … [Read more...]

Separate area for Dürr washing machine

The requirements regarding cleanliness for our aluminium pressure foundry parts are getting higher constantly. These client requirements were … [Read more...]

New Dürr cleaning machine ready for use

Aluminium high pressure casting and cleanliness are highly topical, and therefore have the highest priority at aluminium high pressure foundry Buvo … [Read more...]

Buvo Castings invests in cleaning installation

In order to be able to lift the quality of aluminium high-pressure foundry parts to a still higher level, high-pressure foundry Buvo Castings invests … [Read more...]