Sustainable production environment at BUVO Castings in Helmond

A sustainable production environment is not easily considered at a high-pressure foundry, due to the high temperatures required during the production process. However, the Helmond aluminum high-pressure foundry BUVO Castings proves it is possible. BUVO Castings produces aluminum casting parts for high-end clients from the automotive, e-mobility and heating industry. Audi, BMW, McLaren, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo and Intergas are some world-renown makes in which the BUVO’s  cast parts are ultimately placed. Being allowed to produce parts for such organizations requires not only high quality but also social responsibility and a sustainability policy. Making the entire chain more sustainable is a spearhead for these organizations. To respond to this and to stay close to its own philosophy of durability, BUVO places sustainability at the center of its organization. The organization works exclusively with sustainable materials. The use of secondary aluminum is an example of this. The production of secondary aluminum alloys from “recycled” aluminum costs 20 times less energy than the production of primary aluminum from bauxite. The secondary alloys retain all the properties of the original material. In this way BUVO achieves high quality and the ecological footprint is reduced. In addition, BUVO aims at working according to the industry 4.0 principle which means full automation ensuring optimum, efficient and economical production processes.

The construction of the new third casting hall also created numerous possibilities for making the organization more sustainable.  For example, Colt International has supplied their high-end and energy-efficient air treatment system and the foundry has an adiabatic cooling system for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. In the winter, the foundry is heated with residual heat from the cooling system and compressors. The new casting cells, the pre-smelting furnaces and the dosing furnaces that will be installed in this hall are state-of-the-art and enable a strong reduction in energy consumption when compared to their predecessors.

Thanks to all these initiatives, the Helmond foundry has managed to heat all buildings without gas. This means that the former CO2 emissions have been reduced to 0 while heating 473,000 kg / year.

Thanks to the sustainability focus of the organization, total energy consumption has also been reduced to 727 MWh / year, which is a reduction of more than 75%. This shows that sustainability can play a central role in the organization of manufacturing companies against all odds thanks to proper business operations.