Sustainable production environment at BUVO Castings

 You don’t immediately think of a sustainable production environment in a traditional high-pressure foundry where high temperatures are required during the production process. This is the case, however, within the walls of our  aluminium high-pressure foundry. We produce for leading names such as Audi, BMW, McLaren, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo and Intergas and this not only calls for high quality, but also social responsibility and a sustainability policy. Indeed, the sustainability of the whole chain is an important objective of organisations like these.


To fulfil these requirements and to stay close to our own philosophy on responsible entrepreneurship practices, we place sustainability at the heart of our organisation. So we only work with the most sustainable materials. One of the examples of this is the use of secondary aluminium. Secondary alloys have all the same material properties and production requires 20 times less energy than the production of primary aluminium from bauxite. In this way with the right management we retain the exclusive quality, but our ecological footprint is also reduced. In addition, we work according to the Industry 4.0 principle where full automation results in optimum, efficient and economical production processes.

The construction of the new third production hall provides us again with numerous opportunities to improve the sustainability of our organisation. We are seizing these opportunities with both hands. Colt International will provide a high-end, energy-saving air handling system and the foundry will have an adiabatic cooling system for cooling in the summer. In the winter the foundry will be heated with residual heat from the cooling system and compressors. Also the new casting cells, pre-melting furnaces and dosing furnaces to be located in this hall are the most modern of their kind and will result in considerable reduction in energy consumption as compared with their predecessors.

So there you are: within production companies too – which you wouldn’t immediately associate with a sustainable environment – sustainability can have a central position in the organisation with the right management.