Suppliers’ development days at Buvo

Aluminium high-pressure foundry Buvo Castings has organised suppliers’ development days on 19 and 26 September.

In order to be leading as high-pressure foundry, it is important that all processes, from the development of tools to the delivery of a cast and possibly machined product are carried out in a structured manner and comply with the highest possible quality level. For this reason, Buvo therefore has its own tool shop where the tools necessary for the casting process are developed and manufactured based on our own experiences from the process. In case Buvo needs extra capacity for manufacturing moulds and trimming tools however, these are outsourced regionally to a number of external tool manufacturers.

In order to also guarantee the quality level of outsourced tools, it is of the greatest importance that external tool manufacturers have the same way of thinking and working as Buvo, and understand what Buvo expects from them.

In order to further enhance the ties with our external tool makers as well as to further propagate the Buvo philosophy to the employees, Buvo has organised a number of meetings.

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Both the high turnout and the enthusiasm during these evenings show that our external tool manufacturers also feel involved and pursue the highest possible quality together with Buvo.