Order Thomas gives BUVO confidence

By receiving a first order from Thomas, BUVO has again gained the trust of a key supplier in various markets.
In the introductory phase, it soon became clear that the philosophies of Thomas and BUVO, regarding quality, future developments and employees, fit together perfectly.
In particular, the knowledge and expertise of cleanliness caught the imagination. With their perfectly tuned, automated manufacturing and washing process, BUVO is able to guarantee cleanliness levels that meet the highest standards of industries such as the automotive. In the in-home laboratory the exact residual level can be demonstrated. The know-how of BUVO in the field of tool construction, casting, machining and automation was also rated as very positive by Thomas and therefore contributed to the nomination of the first order.

Employing nearly 600 people, family-owned company Thomas Magnate develops and manufactures electromagnetic and fluid actuator systems for the automotive and mobile hydraulics industries as well as medical technology equipment. Thomas Magnete develops and manufactures their products in line with a zero-defects quality philosophy. Customers include the top names in the automotive industry, leading international manufacturers of vehicles and mobile machinery, and system suppliers. The owner family’s corporate code stipulates that the welfare of the company, and thus also of its staff, has top priority – Company First.