A new milestone during construction of third production hall

At the beginning of 2019 a start was made with the preparation work for construction of a new, third, production hall for BUVO Castings. This hall … [Read more...]

Sustainable production environment at BUVO Castings

 You don’t immediately think of a sustainable production environment in a traditional high-pressure foundry where high temperatures are required … [Read more...]

Oscar van der Horst joins the Management Team of BUVO Castings B.V.

BUVO's growth ambitions call for developments in various areas in order to achieve the targeted increase in turnover to 60 million euros in 2021. We … [Read more...]

Season’s Greetings

[Read more...]

BUVO builds a new production hall

BUVO continues to expand so that it can continue meeting the growing demand for its products. A lot has happened since the foundation of our … [Read more...]

BUVO Castings B.V. achieves environmental certification to ISO14001:2015

We have been environmentally certified to ISO14001 since 2002. Recently, we successfully achieved certification to the revised … [Read more...]

BUVO expansions

It is very busy at BUVO 4.0: After the completion of this hall last year, we have worked hard to develop the existing production facilities to this … [Read more...]

Sporting with a discount

Starting today all BUVO colleagues, and their families, can play sports with a discount. Our colleagues can choose one of the partners of … [Read more...]

BUVO Castings joins Hightech Helmond – de Peel

At BUVO we think it is important that the environment, and in particular the children and the youth, get to know techniques and the companies behind … [Read more...]

The 24th casting machine in the history of BUVO Castings is in place

In 1980, BUVO started with 1 casting machine and on Saturday, June 16 2018, almost 40 years later, the 24th casting machine was delivered. This 24th … [Read more...]