Sustainable production environment at BUVO Castings in Helmond

A sustainable production environment is not easily considered at a high-pressure foundry, due to the high temperatures required during the production … [Read more...]

Euroguss 2020

All specialists in the high-pressure casting industry will meet on 14 - 16 January 2020 at the Euroguss, the bi-annual international trade fair for … [Read more...]

A new milestone during construction of third production hall

At the beginning of 2019 a start was made with the preparation work for construction of a new, third, production hall for BUVO Castings. This hall … [Read more...]

BUVO builds a new production hall

BUVO continues to expand so that it can continue meeting the growing demand for its products. A lot has happened since the foundation of our … [Read more...]

BUVO Castings B.V. achieves environmental certification to ISO14001:2015

We have been environmentally certified to ISO14001 since 2002. Recently, we successfully achieved certification to the revised … [Read more...]

BUVO expansions

It is very busy at BUVO 4.0: After the completion of this hall last year, we have worked hard to develop the existing production facilities to this … [Read more...]

Sporting with a discount

Starting today all BUVO colleagues, and their families, can play sports with a discount. Our colleagues can choose one of the partners of … [Read more...]

BUVO Castings joins Hightech Helmond – de Peel

At BUVO we think it is important that the environment, and in particular the children and the youth, get to know techniques and the companies behind … [Read more...]

The 24th casting machine in the history of BUVO Castings is in place

In 1980, BUVO started with 1 casting machine and on Saturday, June 16 2018, almost 40 years later, the 24th casting machine was delivered. This 24th … [Read more...]

Buvo Castings steams ahead to Buvo 4.0

We are best described by the terms: innovation, craftmanship, professionalism and forward-looking. These elements have always formed the basis of our … [Read more...]