New aluminium melting and holding furnace

Aluminium pressure foundry BUVO Castings has recently ordered a new melting and holding furnace, type MH II-T 3.000 / 1.500 from the company StrikoWestofen.

This two-chamber furnace has a melting capacity of 1,500 kg/hour. At the same time, in the holding furnace compartment 3,000 kg of melted material can kept hot constantly.

Pre melting furnace for aluminium high-pressure foundryStrikoMelter MH II-T 3.000 /1.500

With this pre-melting device, altogether four melting furnaces are operable now. In this way, in the coming years it is guaranteed that we can handle our three main aluminium pressure foundry alloys, 226 (GDAlSi9Cu3), 230 (GDAlSi12) and 239 (GDAlSi10Mg), with ample capacity.

The delivery of the new aluminium melting furnace is planned for CW 45/2013.