Materials Overview

BUVO Castings offers a choice from various aluminium casting alloys for the high-pressure casting of products. Based on the final application of the product, a selection of the most suitable type of aluminium is made in consultation with the client.

In the overview below, the most important alloys have been indicated.

Alloy Chemical name Possible applications
226 EN AB-ALSi9Cu3 (Fe) Wide-range applied alloy, also for complex casting pieces
230 EN-AB-ALSi12 (Fe) For complex, demanding, thin-walled, corrosion-proof, and moving casting pieces
239 EN AB-ALSi10 Mg (Fe) For complex, demanding, thin-walled, pressure-proof, and moving casting pieces with the highest possible strength after hardening, and highly corrosion-resistant

Do you have any questions about the characteristics or the applicability of these aluminium types? Please let us know! Our contact information can be found here.