Innovation and development within BUVO

The demand for high-quality and complex aluminium castings continues to grow due to the growth in sustainability and e-mobility, and it’s this specific need for complex small products which makes BUVO the worldwide specialist in this field. BUVO supplies products to renowned and prominent organizations such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Volvo and Intergas.

BUVO 4.0

To meet the growing demand BUVO Castings continues to expand. In 2017 a brand-new and ultra-modern production hall of more than 5000 m2 was added to the existing production facilities at the Achterdijk in Helmond. In less than 6 months the production hall was build and in mid-2017 the hall was operational under the name BUVO 4.0. This hall facilitates the post-production process of all castings, two wash areas to ensure the products are delivered in optimum cleanliness, as well as the preparation processes to deliver the products to customers all over the world.

What makes BUVO 4.0 stand out is its development with a view to Industry 4.0; the latest step in the industrial revolution characterised by a high level of automation and mutual communication between people, machines and products.

Through endless data exchange between the existing robots, CNC machinery Centres and all the products, the production process is continuously monitored and adjusted to achieve the most optimal result and process.

Expansions of the foundry

The backbone BUVO is the foundry. In the foundry the liquid aluminium is made into high-end casting parts which can be distributed to, for example the automotive industry. Also within this part of our business BUVO is actively improving.

In June 2018 BUVO also added a new addition to the machines of BUVO Castings. This 24th casting cell is one of the most technically advanced casting machines available in the market. The new Bühler casting machine is a 660-tonne machine, fully operated by touchscreens.

With this new machine BUVO enable itself to stay ahead of the competition in terms of technology and capacity. With the installation of this machine the two existing casting halls are at full capacity however, the ambitions for growth do not stop there: if there is no room to grow, BUVO Castings will expand. Plans for the construction of a third casting hall are already at an advanced stage.

BUVO invests and innovates

To realize the growth ambitions, BUVO invests between € 3 and € 5 million Euro annually and is constantly looking for motivated professionals who want to be part of this growing and thriving company.

These developments ensure the beautiful craft of aluminium high-pressure casting fits seamlessly into the world of today (and tomorrow).