Buvo Castings invests in cleaning installation

In order to be able to lift the quality of aluminium high-pressure foundry parts to a still higher level, high-pressure foundry Buvo Castings invests in a new Dürr cleaning installation of the type EcoCBase W3.

Aluminium die-casting, diecasting, high-pressure casting, castingsDürr EcoCBase W3

The EcoCBase W3 is a closed one-chamber immersion installation with floor tub. Furthermore this installation is characterised by an optimum cleaning performance via vacuum waves and a 3-tiered immersion procedure. Filling up is possible by means of a wave pump with injection waves and sprayers. During each immersion treatment the ultrasonic or infrared waves can be switched on (also in combination with each other). The drying process is an energy-saving vacuum drying with infrared heating, and can be used both as final and as intermediate drying.

By adding this cleaning step, cleanliness levels can be achieved which under normal production circumstances could not be realised process-secure.

Since among other things from the automobile industry the requirements with regard to cleanliness are ever increasing, this expansion of process options constitutes an important choice for the future for the Buvo Castings foundry.