Further development of dynamic washing process

cleanliness of aluminium high pressure castings

In order to achieve a better product cleaning, the standard grease removal process has been enhanced by the aluminium die-casting company BUVO Castings to a dynamic washing process. After that, the self-developed washing process was further advanced to an even higher level and has meanwhile also been approved by customers to process parts with a cleanliness requirement up to SKK 3A (burrs up to max. 1.0 mm and residual dirt of max. 10 g).

Where the cleanliness requirements are even higher, we can clean the aluminium die cast parts on our own Dürr washing equipment. Here, the parts are being washed in two stages, ultrasonic-cleaned, and vacuum-dried. This way, the cleanliness class SKK 2A (burrs up to max. 0.6 mm and residual dirt of max. 4 g) is also possible.