BUVO invest in extra rotofinish capacity

In connection with the production start-up of some new projects (Golf VII of Volkswagen, and Lada of Autovaz), BUVO Castings has invested in three new rotofinish installations.
This concerns installation (type AV 515×55) in which the products are barrelled in a continuous process, and two round vibrators (type CB 400) in which the products can be treated in a spiral processing channel in batches.
Rotofinishing is a polishing process whereby products are barrelled together with water, compound, and ceramic or plastic stones. The stones thereby act on the parts as many small files. This finally results in a smoother and finer surface of the product.
More information on the rotofinish process can be found on www.walther-trowal.nl
As a result of the expansion of the rotofinish capacity, BUVO Castings has immediately purchased a new water purification installation as well. With this installation, up to2,000 litresof water can be purified per hour.