Environmental policy

environmental policyBUVO Castings B.V. produces and sells fully machined and assembled die-cast aluminium products, complete with surface treatment. In order to ensure continuity, our team strives to make our processes as efficient and effective as possible. One of our primary considerations is reducing the negative impact of the processes on people and the environment to a minimal level.

Performance indicators are used at all stages of the process in order to monitor progress. Assessment takes place against predefined norms or objectives. Employees are also encouraged to suggest improvements. A system has been set up for submitting ideas and improvement proposals to the management team.

The actions and measures that are taken/implemented in the area of environmental policy are designed to ensure compliance with current legislation and regulations. The following are important aspects of minimising the negative impact of our activities on people and the environment:

  • Continuing reduction of our energy index,
  • Maintaining our waste index at a stable level,
  • Ensuring good soil and water quality.

In doing so, it is important to ensure that productivity in the foundry and machine shop continues to rise and that internal quality costs remain at acceptable levels.