Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

In order to further increase customer satisfaction and the ability to be competitive, since 1 May 2014 BUVO introduced a very intensive and continuous improvement programme. Objective: improving working processes, optimising processes, and increasing product quality.

Quality system according Lean Six Sigma

At the beginning of each business day, an internal team discusses audit results as well as customer claims in the production field (Go to Gemba). A team of employees from quality control, production management, logistics, tools construction, and management analyses the various problems (CIP Information). To this means, BUVO uses a method that was developed further by the new Managing Director, Mr Jos Smeets, and Six Sigma Black Belt.

Prevailing are the Six Sigma steps: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control.
Furthermore, steps from the 8D method are integrated: Team Building, Problem Description, Immediate Measures, Main Cause(s), Options for Solutions, Anticipating Measures Implemented, Preventive Measures, and Closure.

Continous Improvement ProcessDuring which phase / step a problem occurs is displayed visually.

Labour instructions, FMEA, control plan, and error catalogue are optimised simultaneously. During the ongoing or next production assignment the measures are tested. If a more thorough analysis is necessary, a separate improvement team is created. If a problem is closed / dealt with, a session of signatures from the management, quality, and department heads is passed. The CIP information is stored in the system for further assessment and analysis.