Cleanliness requirements for aluminium die castings

Increasingly high quality requirements, are set for aluminium die-cast parts, especially in the automotive sector. When castings are installed in the engine room, cleanliness is a very important issue. We, as a die castings manufacturer, are required to deliver these products in a clean fashion.

Thus, to live up to these requirements in our foundry, in the coming months, Buvo Castings will set up a separate area, especially for products with increased cleanliness demands. This area is structured as a shielded room within the production hall, thus minimizing the risk of contamination with process dirt from further production.

A system that is installed here is our new Dürr wash, with which we can wash die cast aluminium parts in a serial process. Simultaneously, different measuring instruments (eg for residual dirt determination) will be present.

Aluminium die castings and cleanliness requirementsAnalysis of particle