BUVO is celebrating 40 years of aluminium workmanship in Helmond.

BUVO 4.0 is proudly displayed on the BUVO Castings premises that were completed in 2017. But this year, we can leave out the full stop (.), not because the company no longer believes in the philosophy of Industrie 4.0, which BUVO 4.0 stands for, but because this year, the company celebrates its 40th anniversary. BUVO Castings started at Waterdijk in Helmond back in 1980, with one member of staff, one casting machine and 500 m2 of production space. During this period, the organisation mainly focused on casting aluminium parts. Demand for aluminium products rose because of the product’s specific advantages and based on that demand, the first clients were a fact.

Innovation, workmanship, professionalism and a focus on the future are words that probably describe BUVO from Helmond best. These are the elements that always formed the basis of the organisation and they enabled the organisation, from its incorporation in 1980, to develop into today’s international business with a sales target of no less than 40 million in 2020. The company now has 16,500 m2 of production space distributed across three casting units and a fully refurbished final processing unit.

Demand for high-quality and complex aluminium casting is still rising due to, for instance, the growth in e-mobility and BUVO is the ultimate global specialist for this specific demand for small, complex products. Some of the prominent brands that use BUVO casting include Audi, BMW, McLaren, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo and Intergas. 

Thanks to its continuous innovation, development and investment in knowledge and resources, BUVO has found a golden formula, thanks to which the company still enjoys a stable basis and can look forward to plenty of growth. Furthermore, the company’s intensive collaboration with its direct and indirect clients ensures it is at the forefront of developments and market demand. There’s a good reason why the organisation is celebrating this anniversary year with partners, clients and colleagues under the motto of Together, we define the future.

However, the year 2020 is not all about partying, the company has big plans too. For instance, it will start the year at the Euroguss international trade fair in Nuremberg (14-16 January 2020) and the plans to further expand the automated BUVO 4.0 processing unit are at an advanced stage. In 2020, we will create 5,000 m2 of additional space for processing activities on the undeveloped site next to the current BUVO 4.0.