Buvo Castings steams ahead to Buvo 4.0

We are best described by the terms: innovation, craftmanship, professionalism and forward-looking. These elements have always formed the basis of our organisation and as a result of this, since it was founded in 1980, the organisation, has developed into the international company it is now with an expected turnover of 36 million euros in 2018. The turnover target for 2020 is as high as 50 million euros.

The demand for high-quality and complex aluminium castings continues to rise, partly due to the growth in e-mobility,  and we are the global specialist for this specific requirement for complex, small products. Buvo supplies its products to world-renowned organisations such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, McLaren, BMW, Volvo and Intergas.

To continue to meet the growing demand, we develop the organisation continuously. A completely new and extremely modern production hall of more than 5000 m2 was recently added to the existing Buvo Castings production facilities on the Achterdijk in Helmond. After less than 6 months of construction this hall, under the name Buvo 4.0, is now in production. This facility contains the machining facilities for all the castings and two washing machines that enable us to deliver products with the highest degree of purity; the goods are also prepared for shipping here to ensure that they reach our customers as quickly as possible.

The special feature of Buvo 4.0 is that this hall was developed with a view to Industry 4.0: the latest step in the industrial revolution characterised by a high level of automation and mutual communication between people, machine and products. By means of continuous data exchange between the robots, CNC machining centre and all the products, the production process is continuously monitored and fine tuned to realise an optimum result and process.

These developments ensure that the fine craft of aluminium high-pressure casting fits seamlessly into the world of today (and of tomorrow).

To achieve our growth ambitions we invest annually between 3 and 5 million euros and are continuously looking for motivated professionals who want to be part of the growing, vibrant company that is Buvo Castings.