BUVO Castings joins Hightech Helmond – de Peel

At BUVO we think it is important that the environment, and in particular the children and the youth, get to know techniques and the companies behind it in an entertaining manner. To reinforce these words, we recently joined the Hightech Helmond-de Peel Foundation, the organizer of, among others, Hotspot Helmond.

It is impressive what is made in the Helmond region. But many people, including those from the immediate vicinity, are not aware of this. Technical companies in particular don’t talk much about this either. But that is going to change. More than 50 companies and educational institutions are united in the Hightech Helmond- de Peel Foundation, with the common goal of interesting different target groups (in particular children and youth) and generating sufficient new accretion for the technical sector in the Peel region.

Together with fellow companies, we are committed to organize interesting activities throughout the year for (mainly) youth.