BUVO castings invests in clean room laboratory

Since week 20-2015 the washing and clean room of BUVO Castings has been improved with an overpressure system. Through a HEPA filter (class H13 EN-1822) the air is send in the washroom as “clean” air.

For cleanliness analysis, the new clean room laboratory will be equipped with:

  • Rinsing cabinet, with 25 programs and combined extraction options
  • membrane drying, drying oven
  • Analyzing scale, 4 digits (0.1 mg)
  • Zeiss stereo microscope
  • Software for determination of residual contamination according to VDA 19, ISO16232, EN-ISO 4406
  • Particle Normal incl. DKD certification

Rinsing cabinetCleanliness Test

Before using this laboratory (KW27 / 2015) our quality engineers will be trained.