BUVO Castings B.V. achieves environmental certification to ISO14001:2015

We have been environmentally certified to ISO14001 since 2002. Recently, we successfully achieved certification to the revised standard: ISO14001:2015. The award of this certificate demonstrates that we have embedded sustainable and responsible business practices in all areas of our organisation. After all, ISO14001:2015  is the internationally accepted standard that defines the requirements for an environmental management system.

The environmental management system is used to develop an environmental policy appropriate to the organization and to ensure its implementation, so it extends beyond simply examining separate activities. This scope makes it an integral whole. We are sincerely proud of the fact that we have succeeded in embedding these best practices within our organisation.

Even though the standard’s integral approach is the key point here, the benefits are best demonstrated by concrete examples of the sustainable and responsible business processes we use. For example, we produce from secondary aluminium (20 times less energy is required to make secondary aluminium compared to primary aluminium from bauxite), we have extremely well-insulated aluminium holding furnaces next to all our die-casting machines, we use frequency controllers on our compressors, we work with the most modern and economical machines available and we use LED lighting and follow-me printing in our offices. In addition to these existing measures, we have also set up projects to investigate the use of solar collectors and how we can use the residual heat from our production facilities in regeneration systems. These are just a few examples of the wide-ranging measures that we implement in order to minimise our ecological footprint.

A future-proof company looks further than just its own business continuity…