AMK searches and finds “Total Solution” at BUVO

After the first contacts with AMK were laid by our BUVO service center Germany, it became clear very soon that the AMK group was looking for a supplier who could offer a total solution.

With its own development department and tool making, BUVO is able to think along with the customer in an early stage of the project and contribute as a co-maker in the development process. In addition to the casting process, also the machining of aluminum die casting parts is fully performed in-house. BUVO also takes the responsibility for the implementation of various coatings such as KTL or powder coating and for post-treatment as impregnation, anodizing, nickel plating and silver plating.

The AMK Group, a family-owned company with headquarters in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany, has been one of the market and technology leaders in the electric drive technology, control technology, industrial automation engineering, and automotive areas for more than five decades.

BUVO is proud that they can add the AMK Group to their customer base.