Aluminium casting parts of Buvo in new Actros

The new Mercedes-Benz Actros also belongs to the models for which Buvo Castings manufactures aluminium casting parts. The aluminium parts, manufactured by means of high-pressure casting, can be found in the front panel of the truck and offer the driver two convertible steps for cleaning the windscreen. 

Aluminium, die-casting, foundry, Buvo Castings

The new Mercedes-Benz Actros, awarded with the title “Truck of the Year2012”, has everything in it to become a great success. The title Truck of the Year is awarded annually to the truck that has delivered the greatest contribution in the field of efficiency, emissions, safety, driving dynamics, ergonomics, and comfort. 

It is expected that in relation to the introduction of the new Euro 6 Emission Guidelines by the beginning of 2014, demand for the Actros with Euro 6 engine will show a sharp increase as of 2013.