A new milestone during construction of third production hall

At the beginning of 2019 a start was made with the preparation work for construction of a new, third, production hall for BUVO Castings.

This hall is being built at the exact same location where the organisation started in 1980 and is expected to be ready mid-2019. Upon completion it will provide the organisation with 1200 m2 of additional production space and the total number of built-up square metres will increase to 17,500 m2. The new hall will be equipped with the latest heat recovery and reuse techniques.

Considerable progress has already been made and it will not be long now before the new facility can be put into use. At the end of May a new milestone in this construction was reached: the walls and the roof are wind and watertight.

Following the achievement of this milestone, an immediate start has been made with the final phase of this new construction: the finishing within the hall. Before we could start this, the old hall that stood here, that housed the workshop at the time, had to be moved and demolished. While all the work continued as normal around this building site, the construction team worked steadily on, completely according to plan: to have the hall water and windtight in May.

We are now working hard on the inside of the facility and the first machines have already been ordered. In June the focus is on installing the machines and the holiday period will then be used for the final preparations for putting the hall into use. Mid-August the hall will actually be put into use and the first casting cells will then start producing their castings here.