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BUVO continues to expand client portfolio

In 2020 we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. The celebrations for this anniversary year started early in January. We kicked off the year with an enjoyable New Year reception with all our colleagues and their families. This was quickly followed by a festive presence at the Euroguss Trade Fair in … [Read More...]

Michel Boots appointed to the position of Finance Director at BUVO Castings in Helmond

Michel Boots accepted the position of Finance Director at leading aluminium high-pressure die casting specialist BUVO Castings in Helmond on 6 January 2020. As the company’s Finance Director, he is a member of BUVO's management team and responsible for the organisation’s financial policy. In … [Read More...]

BUVO is celebrating 40 years of aluminium workmanship in Helmond.

BUVO 4.0 is proudly displayed on the BUVO Castings premises that were completed in 2017. But this year, we can leave out the full stop (.), not because the company no longer believes in the philosophy of Industrie 4.0, which BUVO 4.0 stands for, but because this year, the company celebrates its … [Read More...]

Corporate video 2018

Corporate video 2018