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BUVO expansions

It is very busy at BUVO 4.0: After the completion of this hall last year, we have worked hard to develop the existing production facilities to this new industrie 4.0 standard. This is  in full swing with the move of our full CNC machining to the BUVO 4.0 hall. It will not take long before this hall … [Read More...]

Sporting with a discount

Starting today all BUVO colleagues, and their families, can play sports with a discount. Our colleagues can choose one of the partners of BedrijfsFitnessOnline that you can find at more than 1,250 locations throughout the Netherlands. Healthy and vital employees are important to us as an … [Read More...]

BUVO Castings joins Hightech Helmond – de Peel

At BUVO we think it is important that the environment, and in particular the children and the youth, get to know techniques and the companies behind it in an entertaining manner. To reinforce these words, we recently joined the Hightech Helmond-de Peel Foundation, the organizer of, among others, … [Read More...]

Corporate video 2018

Corporate video 2018